Till Direct | When you sell your restaurant one day, be sure to have this listed in your assets register:
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When you sell your restaurant one day, be sure to have this listed in your assets register:

Some restaurateurs don’t put any effort into this, while others ‘sort of’ do. However, MOST miss out on ever owning that valuable database asset where the restaurant’s ‘goodwill’ can actually be handed to a prospective buyer as a tangible asset. Want to get cracking with building yours? Here’s how:

Firstly, everyone is really fortunate to have excellent technology at their disposal, but expecting a restaurateur to have enough time to do enough research to choose the correct software ‘ecosystem’ and understand how to operate it optimally in order to achieve the goal of excellent database building and database use, is like expecting the Sushi chef to ‘quickly’ step in and successfully execute the Pastry chef’s orders at the drop of a hat.

By using two methods: online table reservation and online ordering (for take-aways and delivery) restaurants can easily, accurately and passively ‘drip feed’ the build of that database asset.

Online table reservations: Being based in South Africa, we have some unique ‘restaurant nuances’ that probaly shift the accent somewhat compared with other countries. However, offering an efficient table reservation service allows customers to feel secure in the knowledge that they will be welcomed, seated and served and if the reservation process is painless — then it will be used. We have succesfully brought DINEPLAN into the restaurant websites and apps we create. This system does 3 things really well: 1) From a booking customer’s perspective it is easy to use (try it by booking at www.thecodfather.co.za) 2) The restaurant uses the exact same system in store for telephone / call in bookings and therefore the available tables are updated ‘real time’. 3) And this one is the kicker: the restaurant gets it’s customer names and cell numbers — voila! We have seen some unbelievably valuable and significantly large customer lists neatly collated within this platform and as a result, have used it succesfully in marketing for the restaurant. ‘Succesfully’ means money in form the marketing effort equates to multiple times the money spent!

Online ordering: And here, since I’m giving you honestly useful information gleaned through years of practical work and research, allow me a shameless plug. ‘Own your customer and own your profit margin’ is the reason TillDirect exists. An online ordering platform that lives inside the restaurant’s own, bespoke (branded) app and website. Again, every online (take away and / or delivery) order received by the restaurant, comes with the beautiful little gift that is ‘one more brick in the solid database wall’.

These 2 pieces of tech a) save money in the form of staff costs as the customers make their own table reservation or place their own take away order and b) help build that ultimately valuable database asset!

Our Free Gift to you:
Are you already using DinePlan but it does not ‘live’ on your website or app for customers to make use of?
We will use our ‘TillDirect rocket scientists team’ to connect your Dineplan booking system to your website FREE OF CHARGE. Simply email me: benjy@mg.tilldirect.net or call me on 0828914702 and I will arrange the rest