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Products & Services

Online Ordering

  1. This is a bespoke (personalized) branded shopping cart and payment gateway driven online ordering ‘shop’ for your business.
  2. This application is responsive to the device that the customer uses to place the order and will optimize automatically to the size and shape of the screen of a smart phone, tablet or laptop.

Pos Integration

  1. This is the process whereby orders that customers have placed with your restaurant, flow directly into your POS system
  2. You are able to trade immediately without a POS integrated set up and will be provided with a full ‘orders dashboard’ whilst your integration process is being created, should this be the case.
  3. Some of the POS providers who we are integrated with include:


Delivery Service

Delivery Service Option
  1. Should you opt for this service, the platform links your delivery orders to our Logistics / Delivery partners.
  2. Customers simply click the option of having their order delivered to their door.
  3. These orders will be seemlessly linked via the platform to our relevant logistics partner in your area who will come and collect the order and deliver it to your customer.
  4. The customer simply pays a reasonable delivery charge on top of the food bill.
  5. While the cost to the restaurant is a fraction of the exorbitant charges usually levelled by ‘multi restaurant marketplace services’.

Payment Gateway

    1. We can give you your own DAILY SETTLEMENT TRADING ACCOUNT where the money from your online sales reflect daily in your own account
    2. In order to get started immediately, we are able to give you immediate access to a shared account where you will be settled once a week for online sales

Flexifin Revenue Split And Flow Feature

    1. Flexifin, a QUALICA SYSTEMS innovation will give you your revenue ‘sliced, diced and delivered’ where you need it
    2. Franchise head offices now have the ability to receive their royalty percentage AT THE POINT OF SALE
    3. This feature also allows ONE MERCHANT account for multiple stores and will split the payment smartly as required
    4. This process can NOW also be extended to the in store revenue on all daily sales.

Website Service

    1. Customers need to ‘visit your restaurant online’ to understand that they can order online from you.
    2. We are experts at creating clever websites that both display and promote your business beautifully in the online world and also works (and keeps working!) seamlessly with your web ‘shop’

App Service

    1. Websites are a great way to start and in fact are always needed as many people access the order process NOT from their smart phones but from a pc or laptop
    2. However, more and more business is done online via smart phones and we are able to give you a wide range of bespoke app solutions
      1. While a branded App lives on your customer’s smart phone, we are also able to give you a PUSH NOTIFICATION service through the app to the customer. The apps also include clever GEOLOCATION features.


      1. It has never been as important to ‘look after your customer’ as it is today
      2. Many restaurants are opting for loyalty programs to reward their regular clientele for their business.
      3. .Talk to us and let us have your requirements


      1. TillDirect, part of Qualica Systems, is always ready to give as feature rich a solution as you require. While we consider our stock solution to be the Gold Standard, we are both able to and willing to quote you on creating what you require.

Photo / Image / Design

    1. This is a simple process to gather about 25 (35 for the joint food and mood package) usable photos in an hour session for your website should you require it. The photographer uses top quality equipment and is an experienced hobbyist level (with professionally trained knowledge) individual.
    2. Should you require a FULL MENU PHOTO SHOOT, this will be quoted for depending on your specific time and quantity requirement.

Menu Development

        1. Every single item ordered during a full month of trade can add to your bottom line optimally. Are you sure that your entire menu is at it’s optimum peak? [Both from a recipe/costing to a presentation perspective?]
        2. Whether you are a new restaurateur setting up or an existing business taking the operation to a new level, it is ALWAYS a good idea to re-look at the costing, production, and optimization of the recipes as well as to ENGINEER your menu as best as possible
        3. Speak to us about a quote for this most profitable project.

Online Marketing:

  1. Social Media Marketing
  • Our team of Social media gurus offer you one of two options
    1. Standard package:
      1. Twice weekly social media postings for your business
      2. 2 designed graphics to use in the postings per month
    2. it also includes the management of the process
  • Upgraded Package
    1. DAILY social media postings for your business
    2. 4 designed graphics to use in the postings per month
    3. it also includes the management of the process
      1. Paid for Web Platform (Google search) advertising

Here we have a GOOGLE expert who zones in on your business’s unique selling point and cleverly markets your offer to the public on GOOGLE
The cost includes a base management fee to set up and run the process PLUS the actual ‘airtime’ for the exposure on GOOGLE
The result includes a ‘follow banner’ once people have viewed your GOOGLE advert
This is a really innovative and targeted marketing campaign and requires some discussion with you to best understand your business.
Standard packages, can be upgraded and scaled in any direction. The proposed price point is an easy start to the process.