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 TillDirect’s key ideology is to give the restaurant store owner and/or franchise head office, complete control, ownership and brand building ability of its ONLINE MARKET.

There is no doubt that the ONLINE market is a growing income stream but it also has a huge opportunity to SCALE. By this, we are suggesting that the revenue stream can grow and add turnover with minimal added overhead cost. Now, with the TillDirect platform, the restaurateur can pocket that extra margin.
i. Orders are carefully placed by the customers
ii. Orders arrive in your store, neatly logged and PAID for
iii. No need for extra telephone staff
iv. No engaged signals for customers to hear
v. No incorrect menu items and no incorrect delivery address
vi. Just pure efficiency

CONVENIENT DELIVERY SERVICE: We will link your delivery orders to our logistics (delivery) provider partners.


Till Direct Platform allows the restaurateur to pocket the added income, rather than paying the added margin away to a 3rd party operator.


    a. Being a market leader in its field, the restaurateur benefits from TillDirect’s:
    i. Wealth of experience
    ii. Solid support structure – backed by it’s partner: QUALICA SYSTEMS [www.qualica.com]
    b. This is truly a platform you can trust with your business.


    a. The TillDirect platform understands which device the ordering customer uses to place the order (eg. Cell phone, tablet or laptop) and optimises the screen for the best user experience.


    a. Whilst we are confident in our platform’s solid foundation as mentioned in ‘2’ above, we have also created a range of back up process.
    i. Order notification via Text and Email to multiple elected recipients
    ii. A detailed ORDERS DASHBOARD to view and manage your order flow.


    a. TillDirect has an amazing ability to give your customer the ordering experience they have come to expect from your restaurant. You are able to offer all sorts of menu item additions, special instructions and up selling opportunities.
    b. You will be able to create the most detailed or alternatively the simplest order taking process
    c. It is a fact that customers love to feel like all their needs are catered to in the order taking process and we will assist you to give them what they require.


    a. There’s a saying: “It takes a team to build a village” and here we have been fortunate enough to be invited by some of the top Point of Sale teams to send your TillDirect orders straight into their POS systems and thereby forming part of your life (or village!).
    b. The amount of work that has gone into these processes is immeasurable and you can benefit from this incredible technology immediately.


    a. TillDirect will give you the online store in the form of a web site and / or a bespoke, unique (to your brand) APP.
    b. Customers are able to find you and order via the web, or you may ‘live on their smart phone’ and offer them a great app to download and place orders for their favourite meals from your store, via an app.
    c. Please view the price schedule to see details for both options.

When signing up, kindly indicate that you would like a POS-integrated solution.

If the integration exists, we will link you immediately.
If not, we will ask you to notify your POS provider that you require an integrated solution after which we will start the process with them.
You are able to trade immediately without a POS integrated set up and will be provided with a full ‘orders dashboard’ whilst your integration process is being created, should this be the case.