Till Direct | 5–10times return on AD-spend for your Restaurant’s next campaign
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5–10times return on AD-spend for your Restaurant’s next campaign

5–10times return on AD-spend for your Restaurant’s next campaign

Cornerstone #1: REAL content

Just as your customers demand ‘REAL’ food (grain fed, preservative free, free range, organic, fresh, etc.) similarly, they only want to consume ‘REAL’ marketing content from you, nothing less.

 There are many social media agencies who will take your money, they may use your old images that are not ideal for a campaign, or worse, they may sit at home, avoid the effort of coming to your shop to create REAL content and use stock images. You know, someone else’s restaurant’s images. It’s like your offering burgers on the menu and when a customer orders one, you send a waiter to pick up a Big Mac, plate it and serve that to your customer 🙈🍔🙈.

We’ve seen the success of real content. It’s so important that it forms the 1st cornerstone of our 4 cornerstones for a 5–10X return on ad-spend procedure.

Do this:

  1. Create still image and video content that properly tells YOUR story for the basis of your ad campaign.
  2. Create a message (to go with it) that tells your customer how you will make THEIR lives better.
  3. Mail me and I will send you the full 4 cornerstones complete with detailed instructions, for free.

Email me at benjy@tilldirect.co.za or call me (Benjy 0828914702) if you’d like an interactive discussion on the topic.

Create interesting visuals and cut through the masses of ads your customers are bombarded with each day.

Taking the easy way out or allowing your social media agency to be lazy by using rubbish images, will not only waste your agency spend (R3000 per month?) but will also waste your advertising spend (another R2000 — R3000 per month?) . But even worse, you’ll be failing to properly market your restaurant (R50 000 — R100 000 per month?).

Go from wasting time and money to making 5–10X return on your advertising spend. Imagine then scaling this process… you’ll be able to plan your turnover each month instead of wondering what next month’s revenue stream will look like.